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Fanfiction Story Highlights

WARNING!! ALL MY FANFICTIONS CONTAIN OCs UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T READ IT! (If you like it, please fav and comment. Feedback is always welcome as long as it's respectful and constructive criticism.^^)

The 'Legendary' Trainer: Electric Yellow~Proface
Jessica sat outside her home on her front porch looking down at the ground with sad eyes. Her cheek still stinging from the hand that had slapped it a few minutes before. She was outside because they were arguing, again. They were arguing and she didn't want to be apart of it.
Mommy...and Daddy...are fighting again... the small girl thought as she continued to look down at the ground.
Usually, her mother and father fought, a lot. Mostly about how her father had suddenly seemed to have changed and how he'd deny the fact that he had. Other times were about the way that - due to his change - he was treating his only daughter. He went from a kind and loving husband - a kind and loving father - to a heartless man who didn't want to spend any time with his wife or daughter. And the time that he did spend time with his daughter, it often only lasted for about ten minutes, and then he'd get mad about something she would do and slap her across the face, or paddle her ba

My Pokemon fanfiction story that I had created when I first started dA. It is still ongoing, however because I had lost interest back in 2013, this story has been on the back burner for a long while. I am slowly starting to regain my interest in writing this story, as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have recently come out and have helped me to develop the idea for the current journey that I have left off at a little better.
Journy 1: Electric Yellow (Complete)
Journey 2: Mind Crystal (Complete)
Journey 3: Primal Emerald (Ongoing)
Journey 4: Mirror Platinum (Haven't Started Yet)
Journey 5: Ebony Black (Haven't Started Yet)
Journey 5.2: Ivory White (Haven't Started Yet)
Journey 6: Title Still Cooking (Haven't Started Yet)

Team Tragedy - PrologueTeam Tragedy
A Naruto Fanfiction
By: Jessica Foltz
Edited and occasionally co-authored by: Erik Stephens (e_delta88)
Kakashi sighed as he made his way through the streets of Konohagakure. Making his way back to his house after having completed his latest mission. Reading one of Jiraiya's many R-rated books as he walked. He had originally planned to go to his older brother's house after his mission to spend time with his niece and nephew. However the mission took longer than he had originally anticipated. It was night when he finally returned, and he knew that his niece would be asleep. And if his niece was already asleep, Kakashi knew that his nephew would either be sleeping, as well, or he would be out continuing his training.
"No point in going over there, now," Kakashi told himself as he turned the page to continue reading. "That's a fight I would rather avoid."
Kakashi and his older brother, Kojaku, never were able to see eye-to-eye, even after they grew up. Their mother h

My Naruto fanfiction. It was an idea that I had in my head for a while, however I didn't really know how to execute it up until I met my boyfriend who is also a Naruto fan and has helped me develop the idea into what it is, now.

Taking Over Me (PrussiaxReader) - Chapter 1
Taking Over Me
A PrussiaxReader Hetalia fanfiction
By: Jessica Foltz
Chapter 1
The Day We Met
You sighed heavily as you made your way down the aisles of products at your work. Making sure the items were faced and arranged correctly by date so that way the customers coming into the small convenience store you worked at would grab the items that would expire sooner than the other ones. It was so that way the store wouldn't end up losing money on the products they had stocked. It was apart of the routine, since standing in front of the register all day waiting for customers sometimes got boring. As there were days where business was slow.
As you were working on the canned food section of the store, you heard a ding from the door opening telling you that customers were coming in. Knowing that your other coworker was on their break, and your shift-manager in the cooler, you made your way back to the registers to be there before the customers to ring up the items they had wanted so they coul

My Hetalia fanfiction in a modern AU. To be specific it is an "x Reader" fanfiction. Where the reader is paired with Prussia (Gilbert). I was inspired to write it because of all the "x Reader" fanfictions I had found and wanted to write my own. As a result, this story was born.

DAO: Whispers in the Dark - PrologueWhispers in the Dark
A Dragon Age Origins fanfiction
By: Jessica Foltz
Edited and occasionally co-authored by: Erik Stephens (e_delta88)
“Dumat,” Toth began as he looked at the Dragon of Silence, “Re wux jaunus zahae nomeno (Are you sure about this)?”
“Coi ui shio yth shilta tir, Toth (It is all we can do, Toth),” Dumat informed the Dragon of Fire. “astahii re sventir stoda hesi vraktor, jikahshir batobot astahii re blasphemers ihk xoair ekess annish hefoc udoka. Astahii geou xikin ihk nomeno ilyandrosa Wux shilta qe khru di batobot! (They are killing off our children, believing that they are blasphemers for attempting to appear like us. They will pay for this treachery. You can be certain of that!)”
“Shar svabol sjek nomeno tiric ti gethrisj wer idol wux nadot? (But what if this does not go the way you plan?)” Urthemiel chimed in.
“Pok scaduir, Urthemiel! (Stop complaining, Urthemiel!)” Zazikel scolded. &

My Dragon Age fanfiction. This one is actually a remake for the original Dragon Age fanfiction I had created back in 2013. It originally died because I couldn't figure out how I had wanted it to continue. Then with the help of my boyfriend as well as playing all the Dragon Age games (having to replay Dragon Age Origins and all it's DLC), I have managed to regain the idea and have even made it better. (Still going slow in the updates because I'm working two jobs. But I promise that I will update as often as I can.)



Monday - Free (A potential random update may occur)

Tuesday - Free (A potential random update may occur)

Wednesday - Free (A potential random update may occur)

Thursday - Team Tragedy (Might be every other Thursday, but will be posted on Thursdays)

Friday - Prison (Might be every other Friday, but will be posted on Fridays)

Saturday - Free (A potential random update may occur/will probably sit with Mikki to write future chapters for Prison.)

Sunday - Free (A potential random update may occur/will probably sit with Mikki to write future chapters for Prison.)

To Do List

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@ Anyone/Everyone: GOING TO MY GRANDPA'S CABIN EVERYONE! Don't kill each other while I'm gone.;) PEACE!!
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@Dusk No...Only for my Dragon Age fan fiction...>.> Read my journals and you'll learn these things.
Thu Mar 28, 2013, 2:12 PM
so, you're insperation is back for them all?? also am getting my glasses today, oh and if Usachan gets on after i leave tell her i will be back at 5 30ish or near 6, please and ty :3
Thu Mar 28, 2013, 12:48 PM
@ Dragon: I'm glad you enjoy it.:XD:
Thu Jan 10, 2013, 9:32 AM
I love stalking your page :XD: LOL lalala
Thu Jan 10, 2013, 9:14 AM
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@ Dragon Thank you.^^ I'm glad you think so.
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@ Dusk Not going to come up until January. Sorry.
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So...About Primal Emerald...? 

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Hello, everyone! My name is Jessica, you can call me Jess, Elder, or Len. I WILL NOT GO BY JESSIE/JESSY/JESSE! I AM NOT A BOY! I AM A GIRL!! Now with that being said, let us begin.^^

I'm not an artist in the sense of drawing, however I do write stories. I am hoping to get my books published as soon as I can find a job and have the money to be able to get my book published once editing steps are finished. Right now I can only self-edit. Or show my story to friends and have them tell me what they think needs to be edited. I do work at Quality Dairy (a convenient store located in Michigan) in my town, though, so I am getting closer to my dream of one day being an author. For now, though, I'm just a hobbyist writer.^^ Writing mostly fanfictions. I have a few pieces of original stories here on dA. Although since I plan on publishing some of them, I don't know how long they will be there. BETTER HURRY AND READ WHAT'S UP, NOW!! YOU WON'T KNOW WHEN THEY'RE GOING TO BE GONE UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!! AND YOU WON'T SEE THEM AGAIN UNTIL THEY ARE ON THE BOOKSHELF OF EVERY BOOK STORE IN THE WORLD~~ (Or maybe...I don't know :XD:)!!

I am a very friendly person once you get to know me. I am very positive on almost anything. Now, if you start being mean, I'm going to be mean back. (My sun sign may be Aquarius, but my moon sign is Aries, and it shows if you get me angry.) If you be nice to me, I'll be nice back. More times than not I am going to probably be very quiet and not talk unless people talk to me, first. I'm trying to break this habit, but I still have a long way to go. And before ANYONE asks, I am 22 years old and I'm damn proud of it!XD If you don't believe me, you do the math: I was born February 7th of 1992. If I was born in 1992, and it's 2014 now, that makes me 22 years old.=P Deal with it, people.:XD:

I am also still majorly into Pokemon even though I do not watch the episodes, anymore. I also like A LOT of anime. ...Too damn much to really list, but for just a few that I like, I like Naruto, I like Ouran High School Host Club, I like DN Angel, I like Fairy Tail, I like Soul Eater, and I like Spiral. There are several others that I could add to this list, but there are just too damn many!XD I am also a super gaming nerd. (One of my friends actually calls me a geek...which is basically the same thing as a nerd, only more hard core. I don't really know which one I am, to tell the truth, but I know that I LOVE mostly RPG video games as well as Pokemon and the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. The newer generation Sonic games are okay, but the older ones are WAY better... OH! And don't forget Legend of Zelda!XD Link is the SHIT!!!)

Well, that's enough about me.^^ Hope you enjoy what you see. Browse through my gallery if you like. I can tell you right now you're mostly going to be seeing Pokemon fan fiction chapters, since that's what I'm mainly working on, right now. The others will come later once when either I get too bad of writer's block for the Pokemon fan fic, or I get too big of an idea for the other fan fictions I plan on doing to be able to set my Pokemon fan fic aside and work on the idea that bubbles in my head.=P

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The Plan

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 9:54 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hey, guys. It's been a long while... I know, I'm horrible.

Anyway, I wanted to write this journal to discuss the plans that I have for the next few months and/or years to come.

The "Legendary" Trainer: Primal Emerald
Yes, my Pokemon fanfiction is still in the works and I do still plan on continuing. My motivation has decreased, slightly, but that's mostly because of the fact that life is still getting to me. Working and trying to find other sources of income so that way I can spend more time writing and less time on other things has been my main focus, a lot. My boyfriend is even trying to get me to put fanfictions on the back burner and work on original pieces that I can put on Amazon as e-books for like $5 just to get somewhere. I don't want to stop writing fanfiction, but this is what he suggests.

Again, I will still be working on Primal Emerald. It will still take a while for me to post any chapters for it, however. I will have to sit down and play Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire again to try and rekindle the motivation to write it, more. But please be patient with me. Primal Emerald, though has been needing an update for a very long time, is not entirely my main focus as of right now. If you see an update for the story, please do not expect regular updates for it until my life is a bit more stable and you actually start seeing regular updates.

Here is one of my main focuses. Prison is a collab story I am writing with my friend Mousi-Mikki. We have been working on this story for a very long time, as well, and it really needs to be finished. Especially since the two of us have another collab in the works and we don't want to overwork ourselves by posting two collab stories at the same time. So most of my focus will be on Prison. I'm going to try and post the next chapter sometime this weekend.

I'm not going to lie to you guys. We actually have several chapters done for you guys to read, the only problem is that to try to keep views up we are trying to wait to post each chapter and not simply post them all at once like we (probably for Mikki, definitely for me) want to. However, part of this blame is actually my fault. When I try to keep myself under the schedule of posting once a week, I forget my sense of time and then the chapter doesn't get posted on the day and time I want it to be up. Life, sucks, sometimes.

I'm going to try to not forget, this time. You will be getting regular posts for Prison at least once a week. Mikki and I alternating when we post the chapters unless she decides to post hers right after I post mine. But it will still be a once a week thing. If life happens, I'll try to remember to post at the latest every other week. And if you see me start to slip on this, Mikki, you better be there to slap me into shape.XD We need to get this collab done so we can start focusing on our next collab.

Team Tragedy
The next main focus. I am trying to pace myself on the fanfictions I am writing.  Currently, my muse is focused on Team Tragedy. So either until I am finished with Team Tragedy, or until the muse is gone, I will only be posting chapters for Team Tragedy. If you see me posting chapters for other fanfictions, do not expect them to be as regular as this one and Prison. My main focus is on this fanfiction story and on the collab story. So posts for these two stories are going to be more of a weekly to every other weekly basis. Any other stories that get updated will not be as consistent and regular as these two.

Updates for Team Tragedy will be every Thursday at the earliest, or every other Thursday at the latest. Because I have a patreon account, I am trying to be more consistent with my updates. So for now, this is the schedule. If I have the time and the muse to write other chapters, you'll probably see them be posted at irregular points in time. Some of them might take a year or two before I post a single update. Please be patient with those updates. I greatly appreciate it.

Taking Over Me
I'm not saying that I am giving up on this. It's not my very first xReader fanfiction, but it certainly is a struggle to keep it going. Mostly because I'm trying to keep it within the realm of modern reality. Meaning no magic, no fantasy stuff of any sort is being put into it. This is where I am weakest at when it comes to my writing. I feel currently stuck, that is why there has not been an update for this story in a while. And it might take a very long time before it is updated.

I am not giving up on it, however. I do still plan on posting this story whenever I can get around to coming up with its idea. But please be patient with me on it considering it is my weakness. It sucks...=3=

Dragon Age Origins: Whispers in the Dark
Again, not my main focus. So again, do not expect updates to be regular with it. My motivation for this story has not really come back in full, yet. So it will not be having regular posts. If you see an update, please do not expect it to be a weekly or every other weekly thing. I will get around to it when I can. But my main focus has to be on other things, right now.

Yes, I am finally using my account to post my fanfiction chapters. Mostly because I am starting to feel that I cannot fully trust dA anymore. I've been getting a lot of viruses on my computer lately and last time, I had 1700+ viruses, maleware, trojens, and cookies on my computer before the virus protection that was working on getting rid of them all crashed. I had to save what I could and do a factory reset on my computer before I could really get the viruses to go away.

deviantart is not the only site that I'd be having this problem with. Some of these viruses also could have came from YouTube, and facebook. but I have to start looking into other options. So I will slowly be transferring all of my fanfictions to FF.

This does not mean that I will be disappearing from dA, by any means. I will still be posting on here. I can't exactly post Prison on FF...but I'm probably not going to do much past that. I still have friends here, and thus I will still keep in contact with you guys on here. But I have to start looking at other options otherwise I'm going to lose my computer, again, and I don't really have the money to replace it, right now. If you don't see a post here on dA on a regular basis for Team Tragedy, please look at my FF page. It will be having the updates sooner than dA will.… :pointl: My FF page

I am not just posting my fanfictions on FF or dA. I will be posting them on Wattpad, as well. Currently the only fanfiction on Wattpad is my Team Tragedy, much in the same manner as FF, but with Wattpad, I can also post my original stories, as well as my fanfictions. So you might see original pieces of my collab stories on there, as well. (Of course with Mikki's permission, first. I will not be posting collab stories on Wattpad without her consent, first.)… :pointl: My Wattpad page

So...the Schedule
Monday: Free (A possible random update may occur)

Tuesday: Free (A possible random update may occur)

Wednesday: Free (A possible random update may occur)

Thursday: Team Tragedy (Might be every other Thursday, but will be updated on Thursdays)

Friday: Prison (Might be every other Friday, but will be updated on Fridays)

Saturday: Free (A possible random update may occur/Will be working with Mikki on future Prison chapters)

Sunday: Free (A possible random update may occur/Will be working with Mikki on future Prison chapters)

This is the schedule I have decided on for my updates. When it comes to Mikki for Prison, she might decide to post her updates for Prison on a different day, but I will be posting my Prison chapters on Friday. As for the weekend, I will probably be spending most of my time writing with both my boyfriend, as well as Mikki to get story ideas going and so that Prison can get finished as soon as possible.

The order with which I'll post chapters for Team Tragedy are as followed:
3rd: Deviantart

It will still be on the same day, but FF will be seeing the chapter before dA will.

I thank you all for your support, thus far. And remember, I do have a patreon account up for you all if you so choose to support my artwork and enable me to have more free time to be able to write the fanfictions you want to see more.^^ My fanfictions are still free to view, but your support would be appreciated. I have plenty rewards up for you all if you wish to take a look. :pointl: my Patreon page

Thank you for taking the time to read this journal entry. Have a good day/night/whatever~!:iconsparklyroseplz:

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